Spiritual Offerings

Reverend Rainah Dancing Waters is available for:

– Spiritual Counseling
– Seasonal Ritual Celebrations

– Weddings
– Memorials
– Blessing Ways

Rainah blends song & celebration, offers insight & inspiration, facilitates meaningful connection and participation. She offers a message of Love that guides us, in imbuing our words and actions with sacred intention!
Reverend Rainah was ordained in 2006 in The Heart Consciousness Church and The New Age Church of Being, both based at Harbin Hot Springs, in Middletown, CA. The theology is of Oneness. It is all-inclusive and has influences from Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Pantheism, Pagan & Native American Traditions.
Over two decades, she supported the extended Harbin Community with:
Rituals- Deepening Community connection, fostering hope & a viewpoint of life through Symbology, Astrology & a reverence for Mother Earth;
The Harbin Minister Training Program- Rainah co-created & facilitated a year long in-depth, in-person, series of classes that prepared, practiced, inspired and ordained, new ministers;  
Yoga Classes — Supporting a personal Consciousness Practice through traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas and Yoga Wisdom (Jnana Yoga).

She is now delighted to serve the Mendocino Coastal Communities. (Her relocation was a result of the 2015 Valley Fire and personal need for a gentler climate.)

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Aligning myself with this “new normal” has brought much fuel for creativity. I am finding that re-inventing how I express my gifts in the world is both exciting and intimidating.

Yoga, Massage, & Spirit